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  It was the day before the grand opening and the new sign had arrived last minute the day earlier. We moved quickly to load it on to our truck and perform the install on time. We arrived in plenty of time, the weather was good, and everything was moving along fine. We swung the boom across to put the sign into place suddenly the sign tech yelled out,


"What do you mean it doesn't fit?" I yelled up.


I saw a look of panic flash across the project manager's eyes as I told the news, "Sorry, but the sign is useless."


There would be no lighted sign for the grand opening. Now,  in agony, the project manager counted the cost: thousands for a new sign, thousands for another install, and a couple hundred bucks to do the survey right this time. You see, the sign was bad because the survey was bad. Another company was chosen to do the survey because it was thought that we were a little too high. Now I know there may be companies out there offering cheap, or free, surveys. Frankly, I don't know how they do it. To do a proper survey we have to:


  • Send a diesel bucket truck to your location however far away that is (because we actually go up and measure). Do you know how much diesel a bucket truck uses? 

  • Pay someone to go out and measure.

  • When they come back, pay them to actually do the survey, then format, print, and ship.

Sound expensive? IT IS, but you will never get pictures with some chicken scratch on them from us. You will get a professional package that you will be confident to take to apply for permits and manufacture.